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At Four Swannes Primary School we are dedicated investors in children. We provide a variety of opportunities that facilitate learning and enable children to be the best that they can be. We encourage, support and motivate every individual child on their learning journey throughout their school life.

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School Inspections - a guide for Parents


School Office

The school office is open between the times of 8.30 and 4PM.

School Day Timetable

The School day starts with children coming into school at 8.45AM and registration by 8.50AM. Formal lessons start at 9.10AM. With assembly Monday - Friday at 10.20AM. Assembly on Friday, if it is a class assembly will be at 9.10AM. Lunch is from 12.00 - 1.00PM with school finishing at 3.15PM. Our school is a one level building with wheelchair access and wheelchair accessible toilets.

After school clubs

Four Swannes runs many after school clubs which change throughout the year.  We also have Chexs coming to the school to run parent and child clubs  Please read the many newsletters sent home with your child to see which clubs your child would like to attend.  Also, you can enquire at the School Office, staff will be ony too happy to help.  Four Swannes also run a football team and an athletic team and a school choir, there is great competition for these clubs, so applications must be in early to endeavour to avoid disappointment.

Complaints procedure

Should you wish to lodge a complaint, please arrange an appointment to speak to Mr Watson, who is on site on a Monday, Thursday and Friday, if he is unavailable ask the school office to speak to a senior member of staff.  Teaching staff are not always available during the day, but an appointment before or after school is advisable.  A Senior memeber of staff will always try to see you should the Class Teacher not be available or you have an urgent problem which needs discussion.

Snow and bad weather

In the event of bad weather or that the school should have a need to close for a period of time unexpectedly, the parents will be notified by the school Texting message system.  It is therefore paramount that you keep the office staff informed of your up to date telephone number and change of address.

Four Swannes Aims, Values and Ethos

  • To create a happy safe and caring environment where everyone feels supported and valued.

  • To provide breadth and balance within the framework of the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum.

  • To monitor and encourage through differentiation, the full development of each child's individual capabilities and to provide the highest academic standards possible.

  • To encourage high standards of behaviour and compliance with the school rules for the happiness, health and safety of everyone.

  • To develop each child's self-esteem and build their confidence enabling them to make decisions and take on responsibilities.

  • To develop sensitivity towards others and to provide opportunities for working co-operatively in a wide range of settings and experiences.

  • To establish and maintain links with the local community and encourage the full involvement of Parents, Pupils and Governors in the life of the school.

  • We believe that these aims will provide the opportunity for our pupils to take their place as valued members of society

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