Meet the Team...

Leadership team

Mrs J Jones – Head
Mr A Moore
Deputy Head
Mr J. Watson
Mrs I Ogunyemi
Yr 5 Teacher
Mrs A.Attridge
EYFS Manager / Reception Teacher
Mrs T Byrne Brown


Miss A Patel
Nursery Teacher
Mrs A Attridge
Reception Teacher / EYFS Manager
Ms S. Kanatli - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Macpherson
Year 2 Teacher
Ms V Emsley
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs D Walker
Yr 3 Teacher
Mrs C Kalli
Yr 4 Teacher
Mrs Ogunyemi
Year 5 Teacher

Mr Moore
Year 6 Teacher
(Picture To Follow)
Mrs T Byrne-Brown

Teaching Assistants

Miss Spears
EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss Kaberis
EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Howsen-Jones
EYFS/Yr1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Southam
Yr 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Parcell
Yr 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Warth
Yr 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Beech – Yr 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Contla – Yr 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Walker – Yr 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Djemil
Bilingual support officer
Mrs J. Reynolds – Teaching Assistant

Attendance / Family Support Officer

Mrs S J Mitchell

ICT Support/Technician

Mr J Wing
Technical and ICT Support

Support Staff

Mrs Hovarth
Office Manager
Miss O'Conner
School Business Manager

Mid Day Supervisary Assistant

Miss Maria
Miss Broderick
Mrs Young
Miss Natalie
Mrs M Amico

Site Manager

Mrs Boultwood

Kitchen Staff

Ms Gualtieri
Miss S Eve
Assistant Cook
Mrs A Vullo
General Assistant